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AS-Motor – high grass mowers for slopes and difficult terrain

AS-Motor engineers high grass and mulching mowers for professional operators and private customers alike. Our mowers are known for their exceptional quality and performance in extreme conditions, such as inclines reaching 35 degrees and in high grass and dense scrub.

Known around the world for our innovative technology, AS-Motor’s machines are 100% Made in Germany at our headquarters in Bühlertann.  We are particularly proud of our latest innovation: the AS 1040 YAK 4WD – our new professional ride-on flail-mower – which enables the mowing of extreme slopes while guaranteeing operator safety.


Customer reviews
They still exist: garden tools with durability from the past paired with the technology of today. More than 20 years ago, my father had bought a second-hand AS 53 2T lawn mower for the regular mowing of an orchard of about 2,000 m², which still performs its services reliably today; before that, the mower had already been in use for more than 10 years at the road administration. In parallel, we had two others AS 53 2Ts that were older and that we could still sell for good money. If you buy an AS mower new and use it privately, it will probably last a lifetime. Basically, of course, as with all machines, you have to look after them and handle them sensibly.
– Joachim Follmann (private user)
My "grandfather" from the AS family is the AS 28 Enduro. Actually, among the 3-wheeled bikes, it's the cream of the crop. It doesn't tip to the side even on the steepest slope and thanks to its studded tyres and 2-speed gearbox, it gets through everywhere. If I have calculated correctly, its blade speed at 4500 rpm is approx. 525.6 km/h. For comparison, a class F5 Tornado= approx. 510 km/h. Maybe I'll convert it into a drone.
– Dietmar Kling (Green care service provider from Niefern near Pforzheim)
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