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AS-Motor is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality experience by partnering with qualified sales and dealer networks.  AS-Motor conducts over 1,000 product demonstrations annually as well as regular service and sales training.  Consistent customer support extends to our in-house service team and rapid delivery of spare parts to keep your AS machine up and running.


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The best way to experience our machines is through a product demonstration with an authorised AS-Motor dealer. Find your authorised AS-Motor dealer here.

Warranty registration

Our machines are designed to be extremely robust and durable, which is why we’re happy to offer a manufacturer warranty that extends beyond your standard warranty. Register your new AS-Motor mower here to receive a warranty extension of 3 months from the purchase date.

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Spare parts

Original AS-Motor spare parts are available for up to 30 years for many products and ensure long-term satisfaction with your machine. Quickly find the correct part for your mower on our spare parts platform and print out the appropriate list to facilitate the ordering via our authorised dealers.


CO2 values according to EU Stage V

Coming into effect on January 1, 2019, the EU Regulation 2016/1628 Stage V sets new emission limits for internal combustion engines in non-road mobile machinery and equipment. Whether your AS-Motor device fulfills these new emission and CO2 limit values can be determined by referencing the engine’s type approval number on the respective engine manufacturers’ lists (below).

The CO2 measured value is the result of testing a representative of the engine type or engine family in a fixed test cycle under laboratory conditions, and does not constitute an express or implied warranty of the performance of a particular engine.

Briggs & Stratton engines          Honda engines

AS-Motor 2-stroke engine:

  • Family name on the emission label: AS 165 GC
  • Type approval number on the emission label:
  • CO2 value (g/kW-h): 1329,89