AS-Motor disc mowers

Disc mowers – the alternative to the bar mower

Bar mowers are frequently used for the daily production of green forage but their maintenance requirements, heavy weight and increased cutting edge wear have always been a disadvantage. Today a new generation of disc mowers simplifies the production of animal fodder and hay considerably.

Mode of operation

Four knife blades are fastened to the lower end of a rotating drum. The flexible, swinging blades press outwards when the drum rotates, cutting high grass a few centimeters above the ground. The long grass blades are then deposited in a swath for easy collection.

Advantages of the disc mower

Disc mowers run more quietly than bar mowers and without “shaking.” The disc mower’s flexibly fastened cutting blades fold back when they strike unseen objects and are easy to sharpen. The blades can be used on each side, and installation is quite easy.

The fixed disc underneath the blade disc glides above the ground and thus precisely tracks the contour of the terrain for a uniform cutting pattern.
Drive wheels are equipped with a manual limited slip differential. The drive axle can be locked by inserting a locking pin for tasks on slight slopes or uneven ground. Thus both wheels are driven uniformly, moving the disc mower straight ahead. Open the limited-slip differential when driving around trees or other obstacles.

The AS 625 KM model has two drive speeds, and all AS-Motor disc mowers are equipped with EasyStart 4-stroke engines from Briggs & Stratton.

Perfect for small livestock breeders and horse owners

Small livestock breeders and horse owners want to feed their animals fresh grass daily without having to mow the meadow every day. Forage cut with a disc mower stays fresh for a very long time, and reversible blades sharpened on both sides guarantee long-term operator satisfaction.


AS 585 EKM

The battery-powered disc mower - emission-free and easy to handle

62 cm
4,1/5,5 kW (hp)
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