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Mow stresssless with AS!
– Mario Balduzzi (Horticulturalists and landscape designer from Weil am Rhein)
Harald Josef Ernstberger - a true connoisseur of the entire AS-Motor product range - tested the innovation of the year in tough practical use: the professional ride-on mower AS 1040 Yak 4WD. His verdict is clear: "The new mower from AS is really a machine for professionals. Even under adverse conditions, you can work at high speed and save a lot of time. The cutting pattern is absolutely clean and one hundred percent convincing".
– Harald Ernstberger (Joe's Forestry Service, Germany) read on
Even my grandmother had an AS mower, which at the time was still red and white and had a front wheel with spokes that looked like a bicycle. And my parents had orchards and vineyards... which could only be mowed a scythe or an AS mower.
– Michael Horlacher (Hobby gardener and winemaker, Stuttgart)
Overall, the AS 63 2T ES is one of the absolute highlights of our test history at MOTORGERÄTE. Here, the product management has obviously listened very carefully to what the practice needs, and the designers have implemented this brilliantly. The result is a product that combines the entire know-how of a manufacturer steeped in history.
– Johannes Hädicke (Editor for KommunalTechnik-Medien) read on
We use two AS 940 Sherpa for the green space maintenance of the open-air photovoltaic systems. Twice a year, we currently mulch around 200 hectares in this business area. The primary goal is to keep the solar modules free of shade. We mow under the solar tables, which means there is only about 90 centimetres of space between the turf and the tables in some places. Of course, the compact design and the low centre of gravity are very beneficial. In addition, the Sherpas with their all-wheel drive are very suitable for off-road use. Even if there is brushwood or high grass to be mulched, that is no problem, the Sherpas will stop nothing. With the AS mowers, we can get through anywhere.
– Peter Martini (Owner Martini Landscaping and Maintenance from Kehrig) read on
I use my AS 26 to mow out my paddock.
– Christian Eisenacher (Privat User, Hellstein, Germany)
We use our freshly acquired AS 900 Enduro mainly to maintain the orchards we have planted, also for large grassy areas close to the forest and to mow the dam areas of our club-owned rearing ponds. Furthermore, we mow the paths and access roads of our club waters. Due to the nutrient-rich soil at the ponds, the growth sometimes reaches a height of more than 1.30 m, but this is no problem for the AS 900 Enduro. Our mower is now running the first 7 hours of operation without any problems and we are impressed by the performance of this device. The previously very sweaty manual work is now a lot of fun with this device, saves time and is very effective. We can't imagine our machine park without the mower, the investment has already paid off.
– Jan Marewski (water warden of the fishing club ASV Hillerse e.V., Germany)
With 35 year old mowers from AS, we still have fun mowing. That is Swabian quality. We own several "Gütle" (garden plots), one of which is on a steep slope. Our AS 53 B1/R all-wheel drive still does a great job! We also have an AS 45 B1, which is just as old and still in use. Our oldest AS machine still in working order is an AS 21 from 1968, found in grandpa's barn.
– Marius Wiedmann (student from Heubach, Germany)
After the first mowing with my AS 63 mower, my chestnut and apricot garden looks top-maintained again. Congratulations on your great products!
– Fritz Urbanek (from Krems, Austria)