AS 60 WeedHex

AS 60 WeedHex - the weed brush for every application

The weed brush for large surfaces and edges

Mechanical weed removal is increasingly becoming a focal point for many cities and municipalities. Due to the ban on harmful herbicides, weed removal is becoming a complex challenge. With its mechanical weed brushes, AS-Motor offers a method for sustainable, cost-effective and efficient weed removal on paved areas.

The AS 60 WeedHex is the top model of all weed removers from AS-Motor. With a working width of 60 cm and the reliable Honda GCVx 200 cm3 engine, the machine is ideal for cleaning large areas. The reduced brush speed of only approx. 190 revolutions per minute enables high torque with a reduced risk of stone throwing. The machine comes without a protective cloth as standard. An adjustable protective cloth is available as an option. The protective cloth keeps the sweepings together in a swath and makes subsequent sweeping easier.

The impressively high brush force is achieved by a mechanical reduction gear. It is practically impossible to block the brush while working. A metal ring around the brush carrier prevents the brushes from hitting corners, edges and obstacles.

A weed brush by professionals, for professionals

The AS 60 WeedHex was developed to meet the requirements of building yards and service providers. Its compact design makes it ideal for use in confined spaces in public areas. A clutch makes it easy to switch the brush head on and off while the motor is running. The even weight distribution of the AS 60 WeedHex makes pushing the machine by hand child’s play. Its large pneumatic tyres with ball bearings make it easy to negotiate steps and landings. Loading is done quickly and lashing points make it easy to secure the machine to the loading area.

In addition to use on large surfaces, the AS 60 is also at home on edges or uneven surfaces. The machine can be conveniently adjusted to three positions using the hand lever (during operation). The centre position is intended for flat surface cleaning. The two side positions, on the other hand, are intended for cleaning edges or uneven surfaces. This makes it even easier to work in gaps or joints.

For very small and confined areas, the smaller AS 30 WeedHex in its various models is the perfect addition to the AS-Motor portfolio.

Product Advantages

Weed control without chemicals

No spraying agents are released into the environment. No harmful effects on the fauna.

Professional Honda engine

Easy to start, 200 cc Honda engine with high power and strong torque.

High surface performance and brush service life

60 cm working width, long service life of the 8 brushes, can be adjusted without tools.

Application safety

Low risk of stone throwing due to low speed of only 190 revolutions per minute

Cleaning surfaces and curbes

The machine's side tilt can be adjusted by hand lever for excellent edge cleaning.

Easy handling

Lockable wheels with ball bearings, balanced weight, quick-release fasteners on the tufted brushes. Easy to push.

Product details

Robust Honda GCV 200 cm³ OHV engine

The reliable and durable 200 cc Honda engine provides the necessary power to drive the 60 cm brush and starts "as smooth as butter".

Adjustable machine inclination

For optimum edge cleaning, the side tilt of the machine can be conveniently adjusted in three positions using the operating lever.

Replaceable brushes

The 8 plait brushes can be quickly adjusted using the quick-release fastener. The brushes can be used over a length of 18 cm.

Large volume pneumatic tyres

The large-volume wheels make it easier to overcome obstacles such as kerbs or stairs and enable smooth operation.

Technical Data

working width 60 cm
engine manufacturer Honda
engine designation GCV 200
maximum power 5,6 kW (hp)
rated power 3,8 kW (hp)
rated speed 3000 rpm
brush: plait brushes / plate brush /
brush rpm 190
direct brush drive / brush clutch /
suitable for even pavements
suitable for uneven pavements
Handlebar adjustment: height / sideways /
tank capacity 0,91 l
dimension L/W/H 178x61x112 cm
weight 61 kg
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Replacement pigtail brush set 8 pcs

Are available through the parts department.

Operating hour meter

Documentation of work hours.


Municipal maintenance

Caring for green areas in the civic environment involves a variety of tasks. From parks to roadside management, AS-Motor provides the correct tools to ensure both professional results and operator safety.

Road maintenance

Maintaining roadways often involves mowing high grass and slopes, two specialties of AS-Motor’s professional technology.

Leisure facilities

Leisure facilities must be visually appealing and expertly maintained. Whether parks or campsites, these areas are frequently used and thus require careful maintenance.

Commercial landscaping

Performance on rough terrain, perfect cutting results and high efficiency are advantages AS-Motor machines provide to professional service providers.