Expert tips


Preparing mowing and mulching equipment for spring

When the grass starts to grow, it's a good idea to have your lawn or mulching mower checked and ready for use well in advance. Because before it goes from the winter rest on the meadow, an intensive look at the mower is worthwhile. The professionals from AS-Motor give an overview of what should be part of a check-up. Smaller maintenance work can be done easily by yourself.

The trend is towards high-grass mowing

What does "ecological mowing" mean? It means maintaining green spaces in a way that is in harmony with our flora and fauna. Behind this is "high grass mowing" - an efficient mowing method that focuses on the mowing interval and time of mowing, among other things. It makes an important contribution to species protection.

One mower for all jobs – in search of the universal mower

Are you looking for the perfect universal mower? Here you will find out why you will have some dificulties finding the "egg-laying wool-milk sow" in the mower sector. While it would be great to own such a machine, a technician faced various, sometimes contradictory challenges when designing a mower. We would like to give you an insight into this in this article.

AS-Motor tyre sealant: Mow without flats

A flat tyre when mowing frustratingly results in lost time. After filling "Flat-Stop" tyre sealant into the tyre, it seals punctures in the tread area - the driver often doesn't even notice. The ecologically harmless agent has no expiry date, does not stick and provides frost and corrosion protection.