ESM cutter bar 126 cm

Professional cutter bar for gentle meadow cutting

Oscillating mowing methods cut the grass in its full length, virtually by shearing. The unchipped grass can then be swathed, dried and collected. At the same time, it is the gentlest mowing method for insects and small creatures as it does not require rotating cutting tools. ESM has been one of the most renowned suppliers of cutter bars on the market for decades. The ESM BIDUX system of double swing arm guidance sets standards in terms of comfort and area performance.

Insect-friendly mowing

Two knife bars move in opposite directions to each other. The grass is cut 3 – 10 cm above the ground in full length, as if by a pair of scissors. Insects and small creatures are not endangered by rotating parts.

No clogging during mowing

Double blade systems are the least prone to clogging. The problem of clogging generally occurs when turning, when driving over already mown grass and when grass is pushed down. Double blade bars are today‘s state of the art and superior to conventional and finger bars with single knive bar.

Product advantages

Quiet running

Due to an optimum mass balance of the moving parts, the cutter bar runs with very little vibration and noise. Particularly pleasant for the operator and his environment.

Double swing lever knife ESM-BIDUX

The upper and lower cutter bars are guided exclusively by swing levers. When changing knives or resharpening, there is no need for time-consuming adjustment of knife clearance and cutter bar bearings.

High mowing speed and area output

Due to the low power requirement of the double blade bar and its particularly quiet running, mowing speeds of up to 5 km/h are possible.

Product details

Highest quality centre drive in oil bath

Solid crankshaft in oil bath. Massive iron housing.

Double swing lever knife guidance

The upper and lower cutter bars are moved against each other by rocker levers. This ensures constant contact pressure over the full mowing width.

Tooth spacing 70/84, smooth

Not all knives cut at the same time but alternately. Increases the cutting force and smoothness of running.

ESM BIDUX system

Double swing arm guide BIDUX by ESM on top and bottom of blade bars.

Technical Data

cutting width 126 cm
cutting height 40 - 120 mm
cutting height adjustment, stepless
Cutting system, double blade 70/84 smooth / double blade 85/42,5 toothed /
weight 64 kg
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Gardening and landscaping

AS-Motor’s professional technology offers solutions for the diverse tasks of gardening and landscaping, from outdoor facilities to private gardens, public parks and residential lawns.

Commercial landscaping

Performance on rough terrain, perfect cutting results and high efficiency are advantages AS-Motor machines provide to professional service providers.

Meadow orchards

Meadow orchards characterize the landscape of diverse regions and provide valuable ecosystems for insect and bird life. Maintaining these areas often involves mowing around trees, on slopes and in rough terrain.

Municipal maintenance

Caring for green areas in the civic environment involves a variety of tasks. From parks to roadside management, AS-Motor provides the correct tools to ensure both professional results and operator safety.

Road maintenance

Maintaining roadways often involves mowing high grass and slopes, two specialties of AS-Motor’s professional technology.

Private customers

When the goal is perfecting an ornamental lawn, obtaining forage for small animals or tending to the gardens and orchards of weekend homes, AS-Motor offers several professional mowing tools that will provide private users with excellent results for many years to come.

Solar parks

Efficiency is crucial to maintaining a profitable solar park. AS-Motor offers the ideal tools to properly maintain the green areas around and under solar panels.

Equestrian businesses

Equestrian areas require various forms of green care. Whether maintaining paddocks or lawns, AS-Motor offers tools to create the ideal equestrian environment.