AS 600 MultiPro

Implement carrier AS 600 MultiPro – helpful equipment carrier for different purposes

Oscillating grass cutting technologies, better known as cutter bar mowers, are particularly gentle on insects and small creatures when mowing. The triangular blades that run counter to each other cleanly cut off the grass, like a pair of scissors. Grasses and plants remain unchopped, full-length on the surface and start drying. In good weather conditions the grass can quickly dry and then through windrowing and collecting it can be used as hay. Cuttings can be removed manually with a loading vehicle or bale press.

The AS 600 MultiPro implement carrier is equipped with the robust Honda GX 270 OHV engine with digital CDI ignition. The height and lateral adjustable handlebar provides an ergonomic working position, while the built-in vibration damper reduces vibrations.

For the new AS 600 MultiPro there are two double-blade cutter bars to choose from: ESM professional cutter bar and robust LOSI cutter bar. For this type of cutter bar the upper and lower cutting blades move counter to each other. The advantages in this regard are vibration-free mode of operation, no clogging and high mowing speed.

Two further attachments are also available for green maintenance work: a 68 cm wide flail mower for mowing matted grass and undergrowth and a 100 cm wide sweeping brush for cleaning paths and areas, e.g. after using mechanical weed brushes.

Excellent price / performance ration

Simple, reliable mechanics without “frills” and an attractive purchase price enable economical use even with short operating times.

Product advantages:

Hydrostatic wheel drive

The hydrostatic wheel drive allows infinitely variable speed adjustment forwards and backwards. This eliminates the need for a manual gearbox.

Individual single wheel clutch

The wheels can be individually released from the drive via a hand lever on the left and right. Turning and steering around obstacles is thus easily possible. Recommended working direction on a slope: in layers, across the slope.

Reliable and durable motor

The Honda GX 270 OHV 4T engine with variable CDI ignition is known for its reliability, durability and easy starting.

Standard tachometer

Find the ideal and recommended engine speed for each individual attachment.

Product details

Hydrostatic wheel drive

Hydrostatic wheel drive with variable speed control, 0 - 5.3 km/h forward and 0 - 2.4 km/h reverse. Single wheel clutch left/right.

Individual wheel coupling

Mechanical three claw PTO drive for various attachments.

Side and height adjustable handlebar

Side and height adjustable handlebar with vibration damper. Mechanical parking brake and integrated machine stand.

Robust Honda GX 270 4T OHV engine

Honda GX 270 OHV 270 cm3 4-stroke horizontal engine with oil-air filter. Maximum engine power 6.3 kW (8.6 HP) at 3.600 rpm. Electronic CDI ignition. 5.3 liter fuel tank.

Technical Data

engine manufacturer Honda
engine designation GX 270
4-stroke engine, 1-cyl. / 2-cyl. /
displacement 270 cm³
maximum power 6,3/8,6 kW (hp)
rated power 5,6/7,6 kW (hp)
rated speed 2900 rpm
drive, variable hydrostatic transmission
max. speed 5,3 km/h
limited-slip differential
tank capacity 5,3 l
dimension L/W/H 200x80x97 cm
Changes in technology, equipment and price are reserved. Of information or illustrations no claims can be derived.


ESM cutter bar 126 cm

  • Highest quality centre drive in oil bath
  • Double swing lever knife guidance
  • Tooth spacing 70/84, smooth
  • ESM BIDUX system

LOSI cutter bar 117 cm

  • Reliable centre drive in oil bath
  • Single swing arm lever knife guidance
  • Tooth spacing: 85/42.5 mm, toothed
  • BUSATIS knife blades

Flail mower 68 cm

  • Solid Y-flails, usable on both sides
  • Quick adjustment of cutting height
  • Reliable stone throw protection
  • Robust construction with lockable front wheels

Sweeping brush 100 cm


Operating hour meter

Documentation of work hours.

Tilt meter

Convenient display of slope incline.


Meadow orchards

Meadow orchards characterize the landscape of diverse regions and provide valuable ecosystems for insect and bird life. Maintaining these areas often involves mowing around trees, on slopes and in rough terrain.

Municipal maintenance

Caring for green areas in the civic environment involves a variety of tasks. From parks to roadside management, AS-Motor provides the correct tools to ensure both professional results and operator safety.

Commercial landscaping

Performance on rough terrain, perfect cutting results and high efficiency are advantages AS-Motor machines provide to professional service providers.

Private customers

When the goal is perfecting an ornamental lawn, obtaining forage for small animals or tending to the gardens and orchards of weekend homes, AS-Motor offers several professional mowing tools that will provide private users with excellent results for many years to come.

Gardening and landscaping

AS-Motor’s professional technology offers solutions for the diverse tasks of gardening and landscaping, from outdoor facilities to private gardens, public parks and residential lawns.

Road maintenance

Maintaining roadways often involves mowing high grass and slopes, two specialties of AS-Motor’s professional technology.

Solar parks

Efficiency is crucial to maintaining a profitable solar park. AS-Motor offers the ideal tools to properly maintain the green areas around and under solar panels.

Equestrian businesses

Equestrian areas require various forms of green care. Whether maintaining paddocks or lawns, AS-Motor offers tools to create the ideal equestrian environment.


Viticulture, or wine-growing, is one of civilization's oldest forms of agriculture. AS-Motor was founded 60 years ago with the objective of tackling the slopes and thick growth of vineyards.

Hunting and forestry

In forests and on hunting grounds, mowing can take place as infrequently as once per year or even at intervals of several years. AS-Motor machines are engineered to tackle the thick growth native to these areas as well as Christmas tree plantations.