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Insect scare device
Seems simple. Is simple. But it has been proven to work! The scare device scares insects and small animals away from the mower. Three times more insects can flee in time. With respective adapters suitable for AS 62/63, AS 701/901, AS Sherpa and AS YAK. Effectiveness proven in practical tests by the Agriculture University of Hohenheim. read on
Warranty extension
calendar icon 01.10.2022 Register your device within 30 days of purchase and secure the manufacturer's warranty of 24 (commercial) or 36 months. Please refer to the official warranty conditions of AS-Motor GmbH for the conditions of the warranty extension. read on
AS-Motor Electric
calendar icon 01.03.2022 – 30.09.2023 Technical advances in battery technology now make it possible to transfer the power of gasoline equipment to a new generation of professional AS-Motor Electric equipment. Discover the new power class of AS-Motor Electric equipment – with no exhaust, no noise, less vibration and less maintenance. read on
Sherpa ReDesign and new additional models
The all-wheel drive models of the AS-Motor Sherpa family will appear in a new design in the future. In addition to the attractive and dynamic design, the redesign offers a whole bundle of technical improvements. The redesign also includes new model variants with alternative engines. read on