Strong brands under one roof – AriensCo takes over AS-Motor

AS-Motor has undergone an excellent development in the past years and stands today in very good shape. To ensure continued success and to master any upcoming challenges, the owners have intensively considered what the right strategy is and a major change now can be announced. As of May 3, 2021, the family-owned company AriensCo has acquired 100 percent of the shares in AS-Motor. As a strong brand of the American multi-brand group, AS-Motor is thus ideally equipped for the future.

AS-Motor - A development that is worth seeing

The family-owned company AS-Motor, which is and has been managed by Maria and Eberhard Lange in the third generation, has found its niche in the high grass segment and is the market leader in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is well on its way to becoming so in France. The corporate culture is familial, yet highly professional and based on strong partnership. The development that the high grass specialist has taken, especially in the last eight years, is extremely impressive. Turnover has doubled since the third generation joined the company in 2013. With the aim of not being solely dependent on the German market, the share of international turnover was also increased from 25 percent to almost 50 percent. The company's innovative strength is reflected in the fact that today more than half of its turnover is generated from new developments over the past five years. The number of employees has doubled in recent years and processes have been consistently improved and professionalized in all areas of the company.

AS-Motor - The change in the DNA

The company history of AS-Motor is characterized by consistent changes, which have ensured steady progress. Worth mentioning here are the spin-off of AS-Motor from the Schefenacker Group in 2003 and the foundation of an independent company. In 2009 the move to Bühlertann followed and with it the final separation from the original location as well as the possibility to grow. The entry of the third generation in 2013 also meant enormous change leading to the aforementioned positive developments at AS-Motor.

The challenges of the future

If you look at the development of the past years and the results, AS-Motor could not be in a better position currently. However, looking into the future, there are some challenges that have to be overcome. For example, it is becoming more and more difficult for small companies to remain competitive in times of globalization. One difficulty, which is particularly evident due to the current pandemic situation and the resulting supply bottlenecks, is the procurement of materials and components in comparatively small quantities. The very high standards that AS-Motor offers in its core markets with regard to marketing and sales and service support are also difficult to maintain internationally in all markets. Certainly, one of the biggest challenges for the future is the innovation in new technologies. AS-Motor is considered the innovator in its segment and has set itself the goal to remain so in the future. Especially in the developments around autonomy, digitalization and alternative drive concepts, however, it is hardly possible to go it alone. In order to meet these future challenges, AS-Motor is once again facing a change.

AriensCo acquires 100 percent of the shares

In clarifying the question of how AS-Motor can succeed in positioning itself for the future, the company AriensCo came into focus. The family-owned company with approximately 1,700 employees has its headquarters in Brillion in the state of Wisconsin near Chicago in the USA. It is now run in the fourth generation by Dan Ariens, with the fifth generation also in the business, and is best known for its portfolio of zero-turn mowers, lawn tractors and snow blowers. The multi-brand group with its strong individual brands such as Ariens, Gravely or Countax is not only a family business like AS-Motor, it also has a very similar understanding of values. Since last fall, there have been intensive discussions between the owners of the two companies and various partnership options were examined. Finally, the decision was made that AriensCo will take over 100 percent of the shares of AS-Motor. This came into effect on May 3, 2021. The management of AS-Motor  will continue to be led by Maria Lange, granddaughter of the company founder.

Positioned for the future

As a strong brand of AriensCo, AS-Motor can meaningfully complement the portfolio of the parent brand and continue to operate in its specific niche in the future while successfully mastering the aforementioned challenges. In addition, AS-Motor will help the parent company to establish their existing products even more strongly in Europe. Thus, AS-Motor has found a new home in AriensCo, which will further expand the uniqueness of the highgrass specialist from Bühlertann and allow it to invest in existing structures. As a result, AS-Motor can rely on their back up and benefit from the existing know-how. Innovations can be driven forward and the already existing developments regarding electrification and digitalization can be utilized. The broader product portfolio also offers more security in case of market changes and excellent access to new markets is a given. AS-Motor thus remains a strong partner for its suppliers and sales partners. The demand for a very high quality, a very high service standard, an excellent support by sales and marketing as well as a good spare parts supply will also be met by AS-Motor in the future.

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