The trend is towards high grass mowing

Cultural landscapes around the world have changed dramatically in recent decades. Due to structural changes in agriculture, many areas are being used more intensively and peripheral areas are in some cases no longer used at all. (

This is how ecological green maintenance succeeds

In times of increasingly intensive land use and the associated extinction of species, extensively used areas such as orchard meadows, slopes, ditches, roadsides, dry grassland or roadside greenery are an important habitat and refuge for a variety of animal and plant species.
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Naturally focused

The protection of insects is becoming more and more important. Insect pastures, which are rarely mowed, can contribute to this. AS-Motor GmbH’s high grass mowers are designed for this. (

Customer report: A Sherpa from AS-Motor does not give up

Pure apple juice from historical apple varieties. This is the passion of Luise Naderer from the Luisengärten. The organic farmer from Riedenburg in the Altmühltal valley’s top priority is quality.
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