AS 84 4T B&S

86 cm
11,9/16,0 kW (hp)


Professional Allmäher with a special double cross-blade system for high work rates

The Allmäher for professional use in challenging conditions. Equipped with a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Series two-cylinder V-twin engine with an oil and fuel pump, the AS 84 4T B&S masters inclines up to 35 degrees without running the risk of engine damage. A separate engine and blade shaft protect the engine in case of unseen obstacles while propulsion occurs via a 5-speed manual transmission with reverse gear (1.8 km/h) that covers a speed range from 1.2–4.0 km/h. Work rates reaching 3,400 m² per hour are possible due to an extremely powerful engine with up to 16.0 hp, traction drive and an 86 cm cutting width. The AS 84 4T B&S effortlessly cuts grass up to 120 cm high. The floating mower unit with an AS cross-blade cutting and shredding system achieves a fine mulching result.

Simple, convenient and safe to operate

The AS 84 4T B&S works with operating levers that activate the parking brake, the drive function, the steering and brake clutch and the blade clutch. Absolute safety for slope mowing is achieved by an automatic parking brake and limited slip differential which remains permanently locked while the machine is in drive. Easy maneuvering is possible via a steering and brake clutch for each drive wheel, enabling two functions. First, by lightly pressing the operating lever, the permanently blocked rear-axle differential opens which allows the machine to move freely. Second, by fully pressing the operating lever, the respective wheel brakes. This ensures additional safety, especially on slopes. For easy and convenient operation, the force required to operate the AS 84 4T B&S is significantly reduced by Teflon-coated stainless steel Bowden cables. The folding guide bar can be easily adjusted laterally and for height to accommodate different operators and working conditions. Cutting height can be adjusted from 50–110 mm while low-pressure tyres with field studs ensure optimal propulsion on both slopes and level ground.

Product advantages

Performs on slopesExtra fuel and oil pump with oil pressure switch optimize performance on slopes.
Perfect mowing and mulching (AS 84)The double cross-blade system cuts and shreds grass simultaneously.
Automatic parking brakeWhen the drive lever is released the machine stops automatically, whether on a slope or level ground.
Steering and brake clutchSingle-wheel brake controls the device precisely and effortlessly.
Permanent limited slip differentialPermanently locked limited slip differential opens only when steering with the steering and brake clutch.
Engine protectionSeparate engine and blade shaft protects engine.
Drive wheelsInflatable tyres with field studs for excellent traction on slopes.

Product details

Cross-blade system

Two AS cross-blades and a floating mower unit deliver outstanding mulching results.

Height adjustment

Central, variable height adjustment from 50–100 mm.

Manual transmission

5-speed manual transmission with limited slip differential and reverse gear provide optimal propulsion, even on a wet grass.

Adjustable operating bar

Guide bar can be adjusted laterally and in height to adapt to the size of each operator.

Technical Data

cutting width 86 cm
maximum grass height 120 cm
engine manufacturer B&S
engine designation Vanguard V-Twin
displacement 480 cm³
maximum power 11,9/16,0 kW (hp)
rated power 10,7/14,5 kW (hp)
rated speed 3500 rpm
blade clutch
side discharge / rear discharge /
closed mowing deck
mono-blade / cross-blade / Y-flails / /
cutting height 50 - 110 mm
drive, mechanical/hydrostatic /
number of gears 5
reverse gear
max. speed 4 km/h
limited-slip differential
automatic parking brake
steering brake
tank capacity 5 l
dimension L/W/H 229x93x99 cm
weight 185 kg


Operating hour meter

Documentation of work hours.

Twin tyres AS 65, AS 73, AS 84, AS 701 SM

Improved traction on slopes.

Steel hand guard set

Additional protection for the operator.


Road maintenance

Maintaining roadways often involves mowing high grass and slopes, two specialties of AS-Motor’s professional technology.

Municipal maintenance

Caring for green areas in the civic environment involves a variety of tasks. From parks to roadside management, AS-Motor provides the correct tools to ensure both professional results and operator safety.

Gardening and landscaping

AS-Motor’s professional technology offers solutions for the diverse tasks of gardening and landscaping, from outdoor facilities to private gardens, public parks and residential lawns.

Commercial landscaping

Performance on rough terrain, perfect cutting results and high efficiency are advantages AS-Motor machines provide to professional service providers.


AS-Motor offers professional technology for the maintenance of green spaces in and around public utility facilities.


Viticulture, or wine-growing, is one of civilization's oldest forms of agriculture. AS-Motor was founded 60 years ago with the objective of tackling the slopes and thick growth of vineyards.